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Swirling water forming a heart shape

Low pressure in the home can be a very frustrating experience as it can disrupt regular household activities that require the use of water. There are many reasons why you may suddenly have low water pressure such as a good shower, dishwasher work, cleaning dishes in the sink, getting water from your fridge, and a whole other slew of issues. It’s important to figure out what’s causing the low water pressure and fix it so you can get back to peak performance in your home.

Corroded galvanized iron pipes

Black iron pipe is not suitable to carry water on either the supply or drainage systems for it rusts too quickly and will cause stoppages in a relatively short period of time. Corroded galvanized iron pipes are a common cause of low water pressure. Galvanized pipe is the standard type used for home supply and drainage lines because of its comparatively low price and its fair resistance to corrosion. It resists corrosion better than black iron pipe but rates poorly when compared with brass or copper.

Showers and baths are more problematical because the valve is usually on the wall. If you have an access panel, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, you will have to break out the wall, remove the valve and clean the pipe, then patch the wall.

Pressure Regulator

Check your pressure regulator because sometimes this can cause low water pressure. The pressure regulator is the device shaped like a bell with a screw at the end. You can normally find the pressure regulator either under the home or below the frontal connection. Often you just have to adjust the screw to restore pressure. Tighten the screw to boost the pressure. Make sure you set it between 45 – 60 Pounds per square inch (PSI). However, they go bad sometimes and cause your pressure to go down in your home. By calling a plumber to replace the regular, you can get the pressure going back up again your home without having to call the manufacturer.

Leaking or Turned-Off

Other problems you might have caused low water pressure are the valves and pipes. They could be leaking or turned off. If you have municipal water, this valve is usually found in the basement someplace very close to the water meter. If you have well water, you need to look for the pressure tank. It is almost always located where the water enters your house. You will find a shut-off valve very near the pressure tank. When you locate the main water valve, put a tag on it, so you and other people in your home know where to go to turn off the water.

If you cannot find any of these problems and still have low water pressure, you need to call in a professional plumber.