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Jet Sewer Cleaning is an extremely affective service that is used when you have your sewer that is blocked. Homes, apartments, complexes and especially restaurants benefit from this extremely affective drain cleaning solution which works very fast. After some time your sewer line and drains like the kitchen sink drain, build up debris that settles in the drain creating sludge like substance that stays in the drain for good.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

Grease, mud, sand and garbage are the main causes of drain blockages. Our high-pressure Jet Sewer Cleaning can help you to clear this remains by:

  • Breaking up mud and garbage.
  • Penetrating and emulsifying grease.
  • Pulverizing roots.
  • Cutting out hardened scale.
  • Flushing out the system.

Regular Jet Sewer Maintenance Keeps Drain Lines Flowing

Restaurants and other commercial places usually need regular high-pressure Jet Sewer Cleaning to remove deposits, sludge, grease buildup and trash that struck in the lines. Blocks can cause down time, and down time in any company or industry means loss of customers and profits.

Some commercial places may require just one or two cleanings annually, while others needs from monthly or quarterly cleanings depend on the organization’s work. That’s why many of our customers prefer to set up a scheduled program for Jet Sewer Cleaning service that keeps their drains flowing freely and regularly. A Rays Plumbing Chattanooga’s professional can recommend a Jet Sewer Cleaning schedule that best meets the needs of your working environment.

Benefits Of Jet Drain Cleaning

  1. A regular home that has sewer block can get benefit from it because Jet Sewer cleaning not only removes garbage it also removes tree roots that have grown into the sewer line, the tree roots are usually removed completely.
  2. An apartment building usually has the same problem as a home but due to the extra volume more garbage can block the sewer.
  3. Restaurants especially need Jet sewer cleaning. Grease can build up very quickly in restaurants, in some restaurants as fast as 3 months a sewer line can become impacted with grease causing the bar area to flood and the floor drains in the bathrooms to over flow with sewer water.

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