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Plumbing Services

Excavation Services

Excavating services are a very important element of the construction project. From the land development of residential properties to site work construction on commercial projects, professional experts of well-known company Rays Plumbing Chattanooga, have the skills and expertise to handle excavation work.

Commercial Excavation Services

Digging up water lines and sewer can be tough and pretty serious plumbing work. If your home, business or municipality needs excavation services, you may want the best and most experienced excavation service provider. Rays Plumbing Chattanooga offers a wide range of excavation services that are customized as per your needs. There’s no need to worry about when you need to fix an underground plumbing or sewer problem. Rays Plumbing Chattanooga’s excavation work includes digging up sewer and existing water lines and repairing the broken pipe sections or replacing the full pipeline. This can be a small or large job, depending on the work you need to get it done.

Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer line repairs become necessary when sewer line cleaning is no longer possible Luckily, Rays Plumbing Chattanooga offers solutions to a variety of underground plumbing problems including:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes
  • Corrosion to the point that the pipe’s integrity has become compromised
  • Blockages caused by a large foreign object restricting water flow
  • When a section of the Bellied pipe has dejected due to ground or soil conditions
  • Roots in sewer line, when tree or shrub roots have completely invaded the sewer line causing voids in the pipe
  • Leaking joints of pips, when the seals between two or more pipe sections have broken allowing sewage to flow into surrounding soil
  • Off-grade pipe, when existing pipes have deteriorated or corroded

Services Provided By Us

  1. 1. Clearing and Grubbing- This is carried out before the actual excavation work begins. It involves stripping the land of undergrowth, stumps, trees and shrubs.
  2. 2. Rough Grading– When we finish the grubbing and clearing task, there will be some places that need filling while other sections of the land will be too high and need cutting the soil down. The process of cutting and filling the land prior to construction is called rough grading. Excavation begins by cutting down the areas that are too high and moving that material to the areas which are too low. This material is tracked down with a bulldozer to ensure compaction or firmness.
  3. Trench Excavation– Trench excavation is used primarily to dig ditches for the placement of underground utilities (water line, storm drain pipe or sewer drain), these are placed into the trench, then covered and compacted so that the area is all even and smooth without dips and bumps. Open trenches can be used to divert water away from buildings and toward a designated area to avoid flooding or erosion. We prepare compacts building pads for foundations, basements, parking lots, driveways and about every surface that is developed. This is accomplished with the use of heavy equipment like bulldozers, compactors and rollers.