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Plumbing Services

Bathroom Plumbing Services

The bathroom is a very important part in every home and it’s necessary that the plumbing work correctly. Homeowners consider Rays Plumbing Chattanooga for all aspects of bathroom plumbing, including repair, replacement and installation. Overflowing toilets, Leaky faucets, blocked bathroom sinks and drains, taps and pipes problems. Our experienced bathroom repair technicians are skilled for fixing any bathroom plumbing problem you may face. We understand how broken bathroom plumbing could spoil your entire day. That’s why we’re committed to provide high-quality bathroom services, whether it’s repairing a bathroom sink, faucet, toilet, or tap.

Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

  1. Toilet is overflowing
  2. Bathroom sink or drain is clogged
  3. Bathroom has low water pressure

Our plumbing and drain professionals can solve any type of problem related to the faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, water lines and drains in your bathroom. These include:

  1. Blocked drains – block in sinks, showers and tubs are frequently caused by hair, soap and toothpaste in the drainpipe. Our technicians will clean the drain of any and all garbage.
  2. Showers and tubs – Rays Plumbing Chattanooga’s skilled professionals provide expert shower and bath tubs plumbing services for a large range of showers and tub including spa-like water jets, faucet designs, sophisticated showerheads and steam systems that are found in today’s modern bathrooms at a reasonable price.
  3. Toilets – Sometimes toilet drains are clogged by non-flushable items. Rays Plumbing Chattanooga can clear any toilet drain to restore full drainage and powerful flushes. Our skilled plumbers can also fix problems related to leaking toilets, running toilets, broken tanks and toilets that don’t flush properly.
  4. Bathroom sinks – At Rays Plumbing Chattanooga, our plumbers can unblock the sink drain, repair or replace the faucet, or install a new sink.
  5. Water and drain lines – Our professional plumber can install, repair or relocate your water and drain lines.
  6. Faucets – We are experts for repairing all types of faucets.