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Tankless water heaters are more capable than the conventional ones that continuously consume electricity to keep water hot in the tank. Instead, the tankless type water heater quickly heats water only when you turn on the tap. Plumbing experts can easily install this heater with only a few adjustments. Maintaining a tankless water heater system can be costly, especially if you want to get the services of qualified professionals. If you have hard water, then an indicator light of water heater will identify the problem. Hard water can cause scaly calcium buildup in the water heater. This common problem can reduce the efficiency and damage or break the water heater too early. Such damages are not covered under the warranty.

Facts about Tankless Water Heaters

Heating water only when you need it, tankless water heaters save the typical family’s more than hundreds of dollars per year on gas bills compared to a Tank Water Heater model. Larger families can save even more by using tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters cut water heating expenses by 30% by heating water only when it’s needed, while also providing continuous hot water delivery. Tankless water heaters are a good choice for new construction and major renovations, and also become popular as a replacement of tank water heaters.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Installing a tankless water heater involves taking the traditional water heater tank out from your home and replacing it with a tankless water heater that heats the water directly. Tankless water heater installation is also known as an “on demand water heater.” It is named so because when a tap is turned on, only then the water travels through the heating unit for instant use. So, if you are not using hot water, there is no energy wastage on heating water. Our Rays Plumbing Chattanooga professional plumbers can help you figure out whether you need a single point application water heater for a bathroom sink, or a multipoint application for whole house tankless water heater.

How do we get a tankless water heater installed?

Tankless water heater installation requires a licensed and qualified technician to do the job. At Rays Plumbing Chattanooga, our technician performs the tankless water heater installation according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you didn’t buy the right kind of tankless water heater, it will not work properly. Tankless water heater installation is not a do-it-yourself project. Let one of our experienced technicians get you the tankless water heater that will deliver the gallons of water per minute at the temperature you need.